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12 September 2013 @ 04:33 pm
the caliente family [the beginning: pt. 1]  
hello! i am currently remaking Pleasantview and playing each family in rounds. sunday to sunday for the most part. let's start with my favorite girls - the Caliente's!

here's their condo redone. no money cheats were used.

the girls' makeover.

i LOVE Nina

Bella's back and that means Morty's off limits

always keeping her options open.

pretty typical i'd say

Don, my love! she always so happy around him.

really happy...

i'd be pretty upset if i were Dina

Dina is trying to shmooze Mr. Big. she needs that rich marriage after all.


"your nose is so big! but so is your wallet."

that's what happens.

ha! again, typical.

Ms. Nina is getting big.

looks like Don, i swear!

Dina got a job as a pickpocket since Nina couldn't currently work at the convenience store. now they are both in the same field of work as their LTW.

of course, right after you get a job. these sisters i swear!

pregnant sissies

how many times to i have to say this? TYPICAL!

"how's that burnt spaghetti? oh, and the baby's coming tonight."

at least Don was there for her

meet Danny Lothario!

this possessed looking baby is extra special to me because it's parents are my favorites in the game!

Don looks excited.

Nina is a lovely mother. (previous game experiences)

i hope the two can work things out for the sake of the baby.

Aunt Dina practicing for her bundle on the way


pictures of Dina's belly, because she is completely huge

this pregnancy is pretty rough on her...

really rough.

luckily she has her best friend and sister by her side. i have never played a game where they've been this close before.

baby time!


Dilan Caliente. Both boys have daddy's hair and eyes.

Damien Caliente.

and in the same night, it's Danny's birthday!

OMG. little Don or what?

realizing there wasn't enough room for the five of them, Dina moved out with Mr. Big. they're moving into a mansion - at least that's what Dina's hoping for.
SimsCluttersimsclutter on September 17th, 2013 08:48 pm (UTC)
thanks so much! wait, are you talking structure of the face? because if so i don't change any of my premade's faces! i like them the way they are, except michael landgraab of course ;)
quinndominionquinndominion on September 17th, 2013 10:37 pm (UTC)
I meant the structure of their house.

The sisters' makeover looks seamless to me, like that's how maxis intended them to look if only they weren't so limited by maxis fashion :)
SimsCluttersimsclutter on September 24th, 2013 09:08 pm (UTC)
oh okay! Nope, nothing alike ;) i totally demolished it and re-did it.
Thanks so much :)